Grow Your Business

Need More Customers? Where are they? What are they looking for? How can you attract them to your business? Where can you find customers that are specifically looking for your service?

The Answer: Online Search Advertising

  • Your customers are using the Search Engines to find you
  • According to ComScore, the internet just exceeded the yellow pages in 2008 as the source people go to when looking for a local service.

Are You There When Your Customers Are Looking For You?

Today, Search Engine Marketing is a necessary part of your marketing strategy – PPC & SEO

  • PPC campaigns are paid advertisements that are displayed on a search results page based on selected search terms (keywords).
  • SEO is the process of optimizing a website so that it is displayed naturally on a search results page for certain search terms (keywords).

PPC is a natural partner to a solid SEO program.

  • SEO can take anywhere from 3-6 months to work – can you wait that long?
  • PPC results can be used to feed your SEO campaign – which keywords are bringing you the most targeted customers?
  • PPC can be used to test and refine your sales funnel so that it is completely optimized and fine tuned before your SEO traffic arrives!

A PPC campaign will increase your number of customers

  • Studies have shown that having a PPC Advertisement AND an SEO listing on the first page of Google enhances the Click through rate for both locations.
  • Studies have shown that in some industries, the conversion rate on PPC advertisements exceeds that of SEO by as much as 50%.*

Why Hire a Professional PPC Manager?

Google Adwords is changing all the time. Google comes out with new services, new interfaces, new algorithms and rules constantly.  It is our job to keep on top of these changes and make sure our client’s campaigns are up to date at all times.

  • There are many examples of advertising campaigns that have been on auto pilot for months and with one change from Google, spend out of control all of a sudden.

Higher Exposure to targeted visitors/customers

  • Marketing expertise allows us to understand your target customer, what they are looking for and how you can attract them.
  • Adwords Experience allows us to generate ideas of different ad placements and keyword combinations to maximize where you “appear” when your customers are looking.

Lower Cost per Visitor and per new Customer

  • There are many factors that Google uses to determine what you pay for a click.
  • Did you know that an ad in the 1st position can actually cost less than an ad in the 3rd position and there are complicated algorithms that Google uses to decide exactly how much that click costs.  These algorithms are based on the keyword you choose, the industry, the history of the industry, the history of your account, the ad copy you have written, the landing page and more.  We fully understand these algorithms (called Quality Score by Google) and can optimize your account to minimize the amount you spend per click.

Can’t I do this myself?

  • The question is not Can you do it but Should you do it?  Of course you can do it – you are a business owner, you can do anything you put your mind to with enough education and time.  But . . . .Is this where you should spend your time and energy?

We know the Winning Formula:

The Right Place + The Right Time + The Right Message = Customers

Why The PPC Agency?

  • We provide a high end marketing service that includes market research and a clear understanding of YOUR market, their needs, how they search and what works with them.
  • You get a dedicated Account Executive that is dedicated to studying and understanding your business model, your target market and your marketing goals.
  • Optimization – with our management, your campaign will be optimized to deliver the most customers for your advertising dollars.
  • We partner with you in making sure your campaigns support your business and marketing goals.
  • Unlike most of our local business PPC competitors – You own your campaign.
  • Google Adwords Qualified
  • Testing – we believe in testing different market messages
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