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Are you lazier than McDonalds?

Posted on October 8th, 2009 in the PPC Category

Walking down the avenue in Cologne, Germany last week, I was stopped in my tracks by the unusually international specials available at McDonalds:


Thai Veggie? Gulasch Gourmet?

What’s going on?

What happened to Two All Beef Patties etc? Large fries and a shake? Apple Pie?

McDonalds, the world’s best-known restaurant chain, is peeling and sticking.


The Importance of Tight Targeting

When I first started using AdWords, I had no idea what I was doing. (Sound familiar? 😉

My first teacher, Perry Marshall, hired me to work on some AdWords campaigns for a client of his. (Apparently, in the early years, there weren’t a lot of us to choose from.) I diligently researched the market, using the Overture Inventory Tool (R.I.P., but in its day it was amazing!) and came up with about 2000 promising keywords.

I dumped them all into a single ad group, wrote two ads (I knew enough to split test, at least), and sent a proud email to Perry informing him that I had done my job.

Perry wrote back, “Yeah, let’s get on the phone and talk about this.”


Perry gently explained to me that maybe 2000 keywords in a single ad group was not such a good idea. Because the people searching for all those keywords weren’t all going to be attracted to the same ad.

I needed to separate the keywords into buckets, Perry said. All the keywords related to Topic A should go into one ad group. Then I could write an ad specifically about Topic A. And so on for all the themes contained in the giant keyword list.

That took a heck of a lot of time. Lots of iterations. Many printer cartridges, and several highlighters. And probably a few gray hairs.

But that was what it took to generate hundreds of inexpensive, valuable leads for the client.

And that’s what it took to get me on the road to AdWords mastery.

Even Big Global Brands Benefit From Tight Targeting

McDonalds would be much more efficient, I’m sure, if their menu was the same everywhere in the world.

Yet they offer regional specialties based on market research and testing in different countries and regions around the world. And they don’t automatically apply the results of a test conducted in Duluth, Minnesota to Berlin, Germany. They understand that while humans have certain things in common (among them, apparently, a deep love for fat and sugar), significant differences exist among groups. And ignoring those differences, in advertising, architecture, and product selection, would sub-optimize their profitability.

So if you are sending all your keywords to the same ad group, showing the same ad or ad rotation, and (heaven forbid) sending all your traffic to the same landing page (gasp – possibly even your home page?), you need to stop what you’re doing, hop on a plane, and walk down Schwertnergasse, near the Dom Cathedral. And check out what Ronald McDonald is doing.

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And in case you’re wondering, no. You can’t get fries with that.

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