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Grow Your Business With The Right Traffic!

Market Research & Strategy & Google Adwords Campaign Setup

Competitor Research. Which of your competitors are showing up for the terms we want? How are they doing it? What are the online marketing strategies they are employing? What are their business models? What is their positioning?
Main Keyword Identification. What keyword searches are the most relevant to your business? Which words are your competitors using?
Site Placement Identification. Where will we find your target market(s) reading, researching and learning about related topics? Where will they be most receptive to your message?
Online Advertising Campaign for a National Presence Includes

  • Search Advertising for multiple categories
  • Content Network advertising based on your target market
  • High end marketing campaign that demonstrates a clear understanding of YOUR market, their needs, how they search and what works with them
  • Specific advice for a web developer and/or copywriter to create & enhance specific website pages to support the campaign

Ongoing Professional Management

Google Adwords Professional Management

Professional PPC Management

  • Dedicated Account Executive that is committed to studying and understanding your business model, your target market and your marketing goals.
  • Optimization – with our management, your campaign will be optimized to deliver the most customers for your advertising dollars.
  • ROI based Campaigns – We partner with you in making sure your campaigns support your business and marketing goals.
  • Ongoing Testing to develop marketing messages & new ideas and to refine the conversion process on your website.
  • Unlike many of our PPC competitors – You own your campaign. If you decide to discontinue our service, you take your campaign with you.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Strategy & Implementation

As part of our service, not only will we build a campaign to target some of your highly-searched terms, but we will also dig deep into the keyword analysis to find easy-to-target terms that will bring quicker results and traffic while we build up to the more difficult terms.

Our base SEO strategy and implementation fee includes

  • SEO Keyword Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Article Distribution & Placement
  • Blog Commenting
  • Directory Placements

Advanced SEO Execution Budget

In markets with high levels of search engine competition, we will be recommending some SEO strategies above and beyond those listed above. These additional strategies have additional execution costs associated with them. These execution costs are not paid to us but rather to the entities described below such as Yahoo for directory listings or PR Web for press release distribution, etc.

The SEO execution budget is modifiable month to month. Our fee includes managing this budget for you and using the progress of the campaign to make recommendations regarding the ongoing budgeting. The SEO execution budget we agree upon will be spent on the following items:

  • Press Release Writing & Distribution
  • High End Article Writing
  • High End Article Placement (i.e., hiring agencies that work with large site editors, such as for article placements)
  • Paid Directory Placements (Yahoo,, etc.)
  • Public Relations Online Placements

Additional Services Available

In addition to the items above, there are other services we offer at The PPC Agency. Our goal is to establish a relationship as your marketing partner and help you to implement a complete online marketing strategy over time.

Website Conversion Optimization

Our team members have significant experience in consulting with clients on their landing page and messaging effectiveness. Once you are successfully delivering targeted traffic to your website, you will need to begin looking at the conversion process you have in place and identify areas for improvement. This involves both strong analytics to deliver the right information and tuning and testing changes to the sales funnel.

Marketing Consulting

We can help you on an ongoing basis with your marketing efforts – messaging, unique selling proposition, website positioning. Ask about our marketing consulting hourly rate.

Testing with Google Website Optimizer

We can setup testing with website optimizer and your Google Adwords account to test and refine your optimization strategies.

Beyond Google

We can migrate your PPC campaigns for other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing. Additionally, other platforms offer PPC beyond that search engines that we may want to consider including Facebook.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a strong channel to consider. Your email strategy can and should include two distinct campaigns – one to visitors that choose to opt-in and signup for newsletters and communications from you. Additionally, there are opportunities to rent email lists from companies that share your demographics.

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