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To Increase AdWords Profits, Send People Away

Posted on October 8th, 2009 in the PPC Category

Here’s a sweet sign, from a goth/punk clothing store in Dresden, Germany:


In Germany, people bring their dogs everywhere. Stores, restaurants, you name it – Fido (or Augustus Sterk, as a Dresden dog might be called 😉 is as welcome as their owner’s wallet.

But not here, in the punk section.

Isn’t This Store Losing a Lot of Business?

Possibly. A lot of dog owners might not only be discouraged by the sign, but actually offended by the image of the handgun with a finger on the trigger.

But in this neighborhood in Dresden, it seems that some percentage of residents might prefer to shop in a store that caters solely to two-leggeds, who don’t shed (much) or hump (indiscriminately).

So the “Go Away” sign for dog owners functions as a “Come In” sign for dog haters (or at least, dog-averse shoppers). It flags their attention by singling out another group for exclusion.

Are Your Ads For Everyone?

If you’re advertising to appeal to every single searcher on your keyword, you’re probably wasting a lot of money. First, by attracting non-ideal-prospects to your site. Folks who are unlikely to buy.

Second, by not attracting the group you don’t want to exclude.

The goth shop probably does a great business selling to disaffected, anti-establishment, unemployed youth who still live at home and can’t afford a dog. A group likely to smile at the gruesome image of Fido about to get wasted, and likely to buy the studded bracelets and obscene black t-shirts and thick-soled black boots on offer inside.

If you want to attract singles to your site, then announce, Not For Married People.

If you sell software to advanced users, let your searchers know that it’s not for beginners.

And so on.

Do You Know Your Ideal Customer?

This process of disqualification not only brings you fewer non-buyers and more buyers, but it does something even more subtle, basic and powerful:

It helps you identify and target your ideal customer.

Once you know who you’re selling to (and you’ve given up the fantasy notion that you can sell to everyone), everything about your marketing gets easier.

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